How to Choose the Right Spice Closure

How to Select The Right Spice Cap

Unlike spice grinders, which are used to grind coarse particles of salt, pepper or whole spice into a finer powder, flip top closures have a double purpose – they keep your spices fresh and allow customers to sprinkle or pour already grounded spices. There are several styles of spice closures available, and we examined four of the most common in the article below.

  • Teaspoon: This flip top is wide and open, allowing spices and herbs to be poured easily onto a teaspoon or directly over food without any sprinkler holes required. The lid screws onto standard size bottles with a thread that fits securely onto the bottle. The flip top lid seals the spices, resulting in an optimal level of freshness after opening. This type of lid is commonly used for cooking spices and herbs, such as oregano, rosemary and mixed herbs.
  • 7 Hole Sprinkler:  Designed for larger particles, this flip top has seven holes designed in a circular shape. The layout allows for consistent sprinkling of courser herbs and spices. As with all flip top closures, the lid fits on securely with the help of a thread, with the flip top lid sealing in the freshness. This type of lid works best for coarser herbs and spices, such as dried basil, chili, garlic flakes, sage and parsley.
  • 19 Hole Sprinkler: Made for fine sprinkling, this type of lid has 19 holes positioned across its closure to disperse finely ground spices easily. Just like all flip tops, its design helps to keep contents fresh by sealing in the goodness. This type of lid is versatile, working well with pre-ground pepper, fine salt, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, turmeric, coriander, mixed spice and just about any finely ground herb or spice.
  • Dual Flip Top: This closure is ideal for fine to medium sized particles. It works especially well with seasonings due to the user having more control over the amount being dispensed. The design includes an open teaspoon hole and a finer sprinkler hole with flip tops positioned over both holes to retain maximum freshness. Spices and herbs that work well with this type of closure include dried herbs, garlic salt, chili flakes and any other seasoning that can be sprinkled or poured.

When determining which flip top lid is the best fit, be sure to consider the type of spice or herb you are trying to package. As a general rule of thumb, finer grinds do better with smaller sprinkler lids, while coarser grinds work better with larger sprinkler lids. To learn more about our selection of spice grinders and flip top lids, please contact us here!