Afterglow Flirt Illuminating Serum

When combined with tubes, airless packaging componentry offers the epitome of defense, protecting products from environmental exposure, and offering near 100% evacuation with precision dosing.Flirt_no_background

Airless pumps used in airless tubes are configured with either screw-on or snap-fit pump configurations. While screw-on pumps can be unscrewed by the customer, snap-fit assemblies cannot be guaranteed to be 100% leak-proof. To address these issues, Global Packaging, Inc., La Habra, CA, designed a tube with a ratchet on the head of the tube and a corresponding ratchet on the pump. “This unique design—we are unaware of any other manufacturer providing this—not only ensures a perfect leak-proof assembly by applying the predetermined torque, but also provides protection against accidental opening of the pump by the user,” says Vinay Upasani, president.

Flirt, an “illuminating serum” from Pure Romance, features Global Packaging’s airless technology on a medium density polyethylene monolayer tube supplied by Kaufman Container. One of the challenges incurred during the decoration process involved the need for deco to extend to the open end of the tube. “Since the deco was black in color and would have caused trouble for the eye mark detection during the filling process, there was a need to print the eye mark in an alternative method,” explains Upsani. “We were able to provide them with the fluorescent ink invisible eye mark which was only visible after the UV beam was fired on it. Thus, the deco process all the way to the open end of the tube became possible to accomplish without compromising the artwork.”

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