Aug 18, 2016 PDF Document Dual Chamber Tube - Brochures
The Dual Chamber Tube is a PP Tube with In-Mold Labeling. This 8 oz tube has 2 chambers (4 oz each chamber), which gives you the ability to dispense products one at a time or both at the same time.
Aug 18, 2016 PDF Document Powder Cylinder - Brochures
Our 4 oz MDPE Powder Bottle is one of our Kaufman Molds & is also one of our Stock Items. This package Dispenses 2.4 oz of powder & is perfect for Dry Shampoos, Foot Powders, Pet Products & more!
Jul 07, 2016 PDF Document Celon Bands - Brochures
Kaufman Container exclusively offers Viscose Celon Bands. These bands shrink to your bottle & closure for a tamper evident seal with no machinery needed. They are Eco Friendly & 100% Biodegradable
Jul 07, 2016 PDF Document Airless Bottles & Jars - Brochures
Kaufman Container is a Leader in Airless Packaging. We provide various Styles, Sizes & Colors of Airless Bottles & Jars including Single & Dual Dispensing Options.
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