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KCC Clearance

Kaufman Container often has items that are available at Clearance prices for you to purchase. We are constantly updating these items, so feel free to check back often. If something is of interest to you, please contact us today and we will be glad to assist you with your needs.


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Description Item Number Vendor Quantity Units Per Carton
38-400 Metal Cap Wht P/Kraftseal LNR 1001518 1001518 TECHNOCAP 11400 3800
28-400 PE Disp Natl PS256 Polytop 3.0 Orif F2 Land 1054307 MWV 36533 1800
33-400 PP FR WHT F217 6000231 PHOENIX 5000 5000
18-410 PE DISP PS 116 POLYTOP WHT 6000778 MWV 102000 3250
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