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Ready, Set, Go! Give Kaufman Container a call today to discuss our selection of packaging designed for the automotive market. Whether you need a motor oil bottle, or a gallon container for windshield washer fluid, Kaufman Container can assist you with all of your automotive needs.


Motor_Oil_BottleMotor Oil Bottles

From F-style jugs to PET gas oblongs; our selection of custom and stock bottles is extensive. In particular, we have seen a lot of interest in our 1 Liter/32 oz motor oil bottle pictured. This HDPE motor oil bottle is available in black, yellow & grey and contains a 38 mm tamper evident finish. The window stripe on the side of the bottle allows the consumer to determine the amount of product remaining in the bottle. 

Bettix Dosing Bottles

Besides the automotive market, Bettix bottles are commonly used in the industrial chemical and animal health industries. The innovative design of the bettix bottle contains two different chambers. The first chamber stores the liquid while the second chamber is used for measuring and dispensing the product. Dosing bottles have become a popular container for the automotive industry, because customers want a specific amount of product dispensed per use.

Trigger Sprayer Bottles

There are several unique trigger sprayer bottles Kaufman Container currently supplies to our automotive customers. One high demand wholesale trigger sprayer bottle is our 32 oz Black OPET Edgewater bottle. The OPET material gives the bottle a shiny appearance, while the pistol grip handle design enhances user experience. We can provide a variety of trigger sprayers as well including custom colors and spray patterns.

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