NACD Awards 2008

Kaufman Container places in the 2008 NACD awards.
This year, Kaufman Container took home one award in the annual NACD Competition. Check out which package was honored at this year’s ceremony:

KIS for Tressa Inc.

KIS (, a new hair care line launched exclusively in salons throughout the US and Canada, was designed for professional stylists and their clientele, with a concept of something that was new and innovative yet simple and easy to use. High performance products and outstanding fragrances make for a high-end haircare line that needed the packaging to reflect that same feel. What started off as a 4-sku line became much more vast, and the makers of KIS needed to find stock packaging that didn’t look like anything else on the market. Kaufman Container presented a variety of stock options that offered a custom look without the high cost of building several new molds. Once the main elements were chosen, which include the unique hour-glass neck on the cylinder bottles for the 13 oz shampoos, conditioners as well as several of the styling products, the rest of the line fell into place. Another unique shape that complimented the line with a custom feel is the bulb-shaped Shine Serum and Rootlifter containers. In addition to finding the right shape, color was essential. The overall feeling was that of “sassy, fun, sexy and sophisticated”, which was achieved by using unique color combinations of orange, green, and light blue. To differentiate each segment of the line, bottles were custom colored in green for the haircare products, orange for the styling products, and blue for the finishing products. The unique colors posed a challenge when decorating, which was supplied by Kaufman Container as well. The KIS creators opted for silk-screening to keep with the luxurious feel of the line, but the right color matches were essential. Pre-production runs were done in order to achieve exactly the right look. Other elements were selected for functionality, such as the color-coded pumps for accessibility in the salon and 1-liter bottles with dial-a-dose pumps to allow users to select their preferred output. All packaging, closures, and decoration were provided by Kaufman Container. The new line has fared so well that additional items have been added to the line since its release in August, including travel sizes and additional styling products. This line proves that packaging can be kreative, innovative, and smart (KIS) without requiring high costs and custom molds.

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