Kaufman Container places in the 2007 NACD awards.

This year, Kaufman Container took home several awards in the annual NACD Competition. Check out which packages were esteemed honors in 2007:

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Granite City Tool HomeStone Care

The package for Granite City Tool HomeStone Care’s granite countertop conditioning product is user-friendly for both men and women. The solid container has strong shelf-appeal, with white bottles accented with red and black labels for an eye-catching “wow” factor. Container look is completed with black closures and easy-to-use sprayers. Bottles are sized for effortless handling.

Rossan Labs Clean & Kind

Clean & Kind treatments come in four different containers, each with a custom color and cap in bold colors for product presence. For ease of use, a simple squeeze-valve closure is utilized so washing and caring for pets with one hand, while dispensing product with the other is possible. Container also allows for no dripping to avoid mess and unnecessary product dispensing. Each SKU has a custom dispensing valve.

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Macco Adhesives Rhino Ultra Glue

Rhino Ultra Glue needed to "stick" out on the market shelf overflowing in a sea of standard glue bottles. To catch consumers’ eyes, a custom bottle for Rhino’s 4.5 and 8.5-ounce line of Rhino Glue was developed. Bottle was created with a flat edge on the container’s left side, embossed with the Rhino name. Shape and feel also allow easy gripping, while displaying a strong, tough appearance.

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