Celon Bands

Celon Bands

Kaufman Container exclusively offers Viscose Celon Bands - unique products that will shrink conform to your bottle and closure. No machinery is needed for these items - you simply apply and let dry! In addition to providing a sure seal, they also give your package a touch of class. Unlike other brands, the original Viscose Celons are simply applied, requiring no capital investment.       

Benefits of using a Celon Band:    

• Eco Friendly & 100% Biodegradable
• Great for heat sensitive products
• Ideal tamper evident solution
• Stops counterfeiting & ensures integrity of product
• Prevents evaporation and hides fill lines  

Available in:
• Diameter sizes of 12mm up to 119mm
• Transparent & white stocked in Cleveland, OH
• Metallic & special colors also available
• Printing with logo & UPC code if desired
• Packed in 1-gallon metal tins or 5-gallon plastic pails   


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