Kaufman Container is proud to be an official distributor for M&H Plastics in the United States. With such a wide range of products to offer, they are the perfect addition to Kaufman’s line of available packages.

M&H Plastics is a privately owned company in the UK and specializes in the production of high-quality plastic bottles, caps and flexible tubes primarily for the cosmetic and toiletry markets. The aim of M&H Plastics is to provide top quality and service at a competitive price. There is a huge emphasis on technical innovation and investment in the latest machinery and equipment.

Kaufman joined forces with M&H Plastics due to their large range of standard bottles, caps and tubes. Their line is constantly being extended with new available sizes and designs. Their lines include HDPE, PVC, PETG and PET bottles, as well as jars, flexible tubes, and standard caps. With minimum runs starting at 10,000 pieces, they are the perfect place to go for all your small or large packaging needs.

In addition to their extensive range of available stock molds, M&H Plastics has the capabilities to create custom molds if you wish to establish your own exclusive design. CAD/CAM design facilities and in-house tooling makes M&H Plastics an ideal company to create custom bottles, caps and jars.

Kaufman Container will work with you every step of the way, whether you are looking for something readily available or interested in creating a package from scratch. With our state-of-the-art decorating facilities and warehousing capabilities, Kaufman Container can take you from start to finish to create the perfect package.

For more information on M&H Plastics or for help in finding a package that can meet your needs, contact Kaufman Container today!

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