Kaufman Container is proud to offer you a variety of aluminum container options throughout the marketplace. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, with unique printing options available, Kaufman Container is your one-stop source for aluminum cans. Today, aluminum bottles are used for non-aerosol sprayers and lotion dispensers, as well as many other dispensing and regular closure containers. Aluminum cans are a great option for hair care, deodarants, perfumes, colognes, shaving foam, home care products, veterinarian products, spray paints, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, and much more. Kaufman Container offers four types of aluminum containers, including aerosols, threaded bottles, perfume containers and cases.



Alt TagAerosols: The application field is focused on containing different types of products, under special pressure conditions. Very well-know can application throughout the world.

Alt TagThreaded Bottles: This container emerged as an alternative for glass and plastic bottles. It offers superior graphics, high-impact capacity and a totally recyclable product. These threaded-neck containers can be used in an unlimited variety of liquid and dry products.

Perfume Containers: Aluminum perfume containers are 100% recyclable and widely accepted as an alternative for glass and plastic containers. An excellent possibility for the presentation of colognes and perfumes.

Cases: This is a one or two-piece cylindrical container. Its versatility, wide range of lengths and diameters, and resistance provide optimum protection to the final product.

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