High-Level PCR Tubes Now Available from Kaufman Container

Continuing in our efforts to offer more “green” options, Kaufman Container is pleased to present PCR (Post Consumer Resin) tubes, in which the recycler, tube manufacturer, and YOU, our valued customer can all benefit.

The HDPE PCR material comes from recycled milk bottles, which produces a unique combination of virgin and recycled plastic materials that is environmentally friendly. The tubes are made in a three-layer construction which isolates the PCR layer from the inner & outer layers. Depending on the compatibility of the product, the inner and the middle layers can be made using PCR material. Besides the sleeve of the tube, the head and the cap are also made by mixing up to 60% PCR HDPE or PP. With this, the tubes we are offering contain between 40 and 70 percent PCR material, one of the highest percentages in the industry!

These tubes are fully recyclable and the structure is environmentally friendly. In regards to usage, these tubes are virtually identical to virgin resin tubes and can be used with any colorants and accept all types of decoration. Available in an unlimited number of tube sizes and neck finishes, using PCR tubes no longer means sacrificing quality! Please join Kaufman Container in supporting sustainability by inquiring about our PCR tube options today.

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